Learning Mandarin with Phrases

So I did my drill yesterday with simple conversational phrases yesterday, though I missed out practicing during breakfast, had to skip it today, so I am going to do tomorrow. Anyway here are more phrases:



生日 这儿 庆祝

Wǒ de shēngrì yě lái zhèr qìngzhù ba.

Let’s come here to celebrate my birthday.




qìng zhù, celebrate




什么 名字

Nǐ jiào shénme mínɡzi?

Whats your name?


Jiào, to call, to be called



míng zi, name



医生 怎么

Yīsheng zěnme shuō

What did the doctor say?



yī shēng, doctor



zěn me, how, what, why




! 但是

Yǒu! Dànshì zhǐ yǒu shuāng rén jiān le

Yes! But we only have doubles



dàn shì, but


Shuāng, double, two, pair


Jiān, between, among, space



吧。 半, 吗?

Zài wǒ jiā ba. Liáng diǎn bàn Xíng ma?

At my home. Is 2.30pm ok?




Liáng diǎn bàn

Two, time/o’clock, half


Xíng, all right, ok, to go


I am Back Again?

I hope this time for real. I have slacked so long, more than a month since I wrote here. Time to  buck up! Half year check would show I should have learned 1500 characters! I am nowhere near it.

I have to start again to practice writing every morning at breakfast time, review at night and learn new characters, then practice in morning and the cycle continues. Wish me luck. To simplify and speed up learning, I will just gulp in 15 words (increased due to slacking) a day base on most used words or the daily chinese phrase that I receives from China-8. Really good site that keeps me in touch with my de-banananizing side. Cheers! Let’s get on with work:



谢谢, 发票 随身 物品, 马路 对面 是。

Xièxiè, ná hǎo fāpiào hé suíshēn wùpǐn, mǎlù duìmiàn jiù shì.

Thanks, here’s the receipt and don’t forget your personal belongings, it’s just across the street.


Ná, to take/to hold



Mǎ lù, road/street



Suí shēn, personal



Wù pǐn, belongings/aticles/goods



Duì miàn, across/opposite



你, 一直 表扬 她。 什么 关系 呀?

Kàn nǐ, yìzhí bù tíng de biǎoyáng tā. Shì bú shì tā hé nǐ yǒu shénme guānxì ya?

You keep praising her non-stop. What’s the relationship between you two?



yì zhí, continuously


Ting, to stop



biǎo yang, to praise



guān xì, relations


Anyway, work has been piling up as I expect it would be, therefore effort to really work on memorizing and I meant really remembering Chinese characters seem to be riding on some delusion cloud for me. But, yes BUT still, I am firm on continuing on this. What do you think about daily practice writing during breakfast? I would say, yea, why not, just scribble while you down your egg/bread/any other messy food. Hmmm…I might try it.

As for the song, it must go on….


nán kān, embarassing

běn, root/foundation


fēn kāi, to separate


wēi xiào, smile

dài, carry


zhè zhǒng, this kind/sort of


fèn, measure of


bāo róng, forgive


jiē shòu, to accept


dān xīn, worry


yì zhí, continously

The Music Continues

Seem like the song have not end yet. I hope after memorising all these words, I will be able to sing Karaoke of this Chinese songs with my friends. They used to laugh at me for noy knowing how to read and sing the Chinese songs. I am going to show them I can, even if it is one song!


xī wàng, to wish for

zhēn, real

bǐ, to compare

hái, also

cái, just/only

huì, able to

bī, force


lí kāi, to leave

 Next, coming up is the Chorus!

Learning Mandarin with Music

Continuing my quest of learning mandarin, now with music, still with 安靜 (silence). This song is beginning to grow on me, I might say. On with the new words to gulp in:


zhī dao, know/aware of


méi yǒu, do not have


shě bu de, hate to part with

shuō, say


nán guò, grieve


xiāng xìn, believe


zhǐ shì, simply/only


céng jīng, at one time (in the past)

I am Back! 我回来了

我回来了!你们好吗?对不起, 我已经失踪了很久。

 It seems that I have so much catch up to do, it took me so long just to write my previous sentence, silly me. Anyway, recently I found a new site to enhance my mandarin learning, through songs! I have heard many times that a lot of ‘bananas’ learnt their mandarin through songs, where some even learn to read from the lyrics! Maybe I can pick up some too from this really cool website call “Learn Chinese through Music”. I actually stumbled upon it when I was searching for lyrics of this song:


So new words I learn today, by singing, he-he: 


ān jìng, quiet 

Zhī, only 


shèng xià, to be left 


gāng qín, piano 

Péi, accompany 

Tán, to talk/discus 


shuì zhāo, sleep

Jiù, old 

Yǐ, already 


biǎo xiàn, expression/show/display 


fēi cháng, very 

the learning quest will be continued…

Happy Chinese New Year 新年快樂

Ok, time has been crazy leading up to Chinese New Year (新年), so please forgive me. Here are greetings to learn to say to your family, relatives and friends. Also for you to be able to read those well-wishes eh?


gōng xǐ fā cái (happiness and prosperities)

– we usually say this right after th Happy Chinese New Year to wish others to always be happy and prosperous


Suìsuì píng’ān (everlasting peace)

– seldom used here in Malaysia but then it would certainly be really nice thing to say especially to eldest


Niánnián yǒuyú (abundant harvests every year)

– this would show how from generation ago this phrase was made as they wishes bountiful harvest where last time people harvests the fruits of their labor, unlike now it is all in money form, but still it would mean always bearing fruits from whatever you do 😉


hóngbāo nálái (hand over the red packets)

– this is the naughty phrases usually by the young ones to ask cheekily for their ang pows due to them

To all the Chineses of the world, 新年快樂!