I am Learning Mandarin

Finally an honest effort of mine to learn mandarin after way overdue of telling everyone and myself that I want to pick it up. After all I am a Chinese, and without knowing how to read, write or even speak mandarin properly, it is unacceptable. Don’t you think?

So here I embark on my self learning process of Mandarin.

After checking out a few sites, I found some good and FREE resources for learning. An honourable mention goes to the Online Chinese Tools that have various great programs and great links as well. I downloaded the Dim Sum tool and found it fun! I love the flashcards that allow me to learn and capture Chinese characters.

Chinese Flashcard 


The web function that translates Chinese web sites seem ok but I have yet to get the hang of it.

So from there I found various sites, one that I was hooked on last time to understand the anatomy of Chinese characters are at Zhong Wen.

I was thinking how long would it take me to learn all the characters? A quick search I found that there are 56000 characters in the biggest Chinese dictionary, then I was like WTF? Then it turn out, most of the characters are already archaic and not in use. I also found that by knowing 3000 characters, you can already read 99% of the Chinese newspaper or magazines. But if you want to dwell into literature, you would need at least 6000 characters, well let’s not go there first alright? So now I am aiming to be able to read the newspaper, enough to understand the content.

So there good start for the year 2008, yes this is one of my resolutions. Wish me luck!


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  1. Hello,

    Hope you don’t mind I post here. A nice song by Richie Ren that I would like to present to you on ECpod (can learn some mandarin from this song too): Richie Ren’s Song Animation Video

    http://www.ECpod.com is a free website to learn English and Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese and etc) using videos. These videos are produced by our members and you are welcome to contribute as well. You can make friends too within our community and find online students to teach.

    Sorry if you find the site slow now – it will be resolved in 2 weeks time after we sort out our overseas bandwidth issues. Thanks.

    Rgds, Susan

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