Catching Up

Okay, I admit, just few days into my so called debanananizing and I had slacked a day. Look at my calendar at the side and you would know! A missed day! 一天不见了!

So now I have to work a little harder. 15 characters for me today.

On with the most common top 300 simplified chinese characters as per the Dim Sum tools:

到 – dào – arrive

以 – yǐ – to use, according to, by, with…

做为 – zuò wéi – act as

就 – jiù – at once, then, to undertake

交 – jiāo – to deliver, to turn over, to make friends

用 – yòng – to use

能 – néng – can, may, able

如 – rú – as if, such as 

果 – fruits, results

also can use 如果 – in case

 时 – shí – o’clock, time, when, hour

文- wén – language, culture, writing

说 – shuō – to speak

那 – nà – that, those

提 – tí – to carry, to lift, to put forward

can use 提高 – tí gāo – raise, increase

高  – gāo – high

New words:



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