Reviewing and a Killer Idea to Practice Writing Mandarin

I look back at my whole week (please kindly ignore the two missing days, 两天不见了) and I found that I cannot really recognize all the characters. Who am I kidding? Do I really believe I can memorize 10 characters per day, 70 characters per week and 300 characters per month? I do actually. If the kids at elementary can do it, so can I. 我也是可以的!

I had quite a few friends that are Mandarin-ed (this is a term we use in Malaysia to call those who studied in a Chinese Independent School, yes you guess it – I am English-ed) so naturally I asked them how did they learn mandarin. I heard many horror stories, as for the Chinese Independent primary school, the culture is really strict where the children were asked to drill on mathematics and Mandarins daily. Many had spent many hours writing Chinese characters repeatedly to memorize it. A friend once told me, she use to just copy and write even without knowing the meaning of it. That was how they were drilled to remember all the Chinese characters. So do I need to do so? Do I need to sit down and copy and write a Chinese character repeatedly till I remember it?

Well, since it is tried and true, where thousands and thousands of children had learn it this way, then there should be some sense in it? The children use a exercise book with many boxes to write their characters repeatedly at every box, so since I am now an adult learner, I had came up with a new idea. Here would be my self made drilling sheet:

 Drilling Sheet

Yes, that is the Microsoft Excel sheet, listed with Chinese characters, outlined with boxes and then printed out for practicing. This is where traditional meets the new technology! Talk about convergence and innovation! 我恨聪明了! 

Alright, on now to new words for today, taking again from the Top 300 Chinese characters, maybe I would be able to recognize all in a month eh? Wish me luck!  New words:

hái (still, yet, also, besides)

diàn (electric)

duì (correct, right)

dōu (all, both, even)


zì jǐ (self-reliant)


ér qiě  (not only, as well as, but also)


hòu mian (back, behind) 10 new words today:












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  1. hoho, I see that you are learning Mandarin. Me too! Wo ye shi. I hope you can learn them well! If the children can learn 10 characters a day then so can I.

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