Happy Chinese New Year 新年快樂

Ok, time has been crazy leading up to Chinese New Year (新年), so please forgive me. Here are greetings to learn to say to your family, relatives and friends. Also for you to be able to read those well-wishes eh?


gōng xǐ fā cái (happiness and prosperities)

– we usually say this right after th Happy Chinese New Year to wish others to always be happy and prosperous


Suìsuì píng’ān (everlasting peace)

– seldom used here in Malaysia but then it would certainly be really nice thing to say especially to eldest


Niánnián yǒuyú (abundant harvests every year)

– this would show how from generation ago this phrase was made as they wishes bountiful harvest where last time people harvests the fruits of their labor, unlike now it is all in money form, but still it would mean always bearing fruits from whatever you do 😉


hóngbāo nálái (hand over the red packets)

– this is the naughty phrases usually by the young ones to ask cheekily for their ang pows due to them

To all the Chineses of the world, 新年快樂!


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