I am Back! 我回来了

我回来了!你们好吗?对不起, 我已经失踪了很久。

 It seems that I have so much catch up to do, it took me so long just to write my previous sentence, silly me. Anyway, recently I found a new site to enhance my mandarin learning, through songs! I have heard many times that a lot of ‘bananas’ learnt their mandarin through songs, where some even learn to read from the lyrics! Maybe I can pick up some too from this really cool website call “Learn Chinese through Music”. I actually stumbled upon it when I was searching for lyrics of this song:


So new words I learn today, by singing, he-he: 


ān jìng, quiet 

Zhī, only 


shèng xià, to be left 


gāng qín, piano 

Péi, accompany 

Tán, to talk/discus 


shuì zhāo, sleep

Jiù, old 

Yǐ, already 


biǎo xiàn, expression/show/display 


fēi cháng, very 

the learning quest will be continued…


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