I am Back Again?

I hope this time for real. I have slacked so long, more than a month since I wrote here. Time to  buck up! Half year check would show I should have learned 1500 characters! I am nowhere near it.

I have to start again to practice writing every morning at breakfast time, review at night and learn new characters, then practice in morning and the cycle continues. Wish me luck. To simplify and speed up learning, I will just gulp in 15 words (increased due to slacking) a day base on most used words or the daily chinese phrase that I receives from China-8. Really good site that keeps me in touch with my de-banananizing side. Cheers! Let’s get on with work:



谢谢, 发票 随身 物品, 马路 对面 是。

Xièxiè, ná hǎo fāpiào hé suíshēn wùpǐn, mǎlù duìmiàn jiù shì.

Thanks, here’s the receipt and don’t forget your personal belongings, it’s just across the street.


Ná, to take/to hold



Mǎ lù, road/street



Suí shēn, personal



Wù pǐn, belongings/aticles/goods



Duì miàn, across/opposite



你, 一直 表扬 她。 什么 关系 呀?

Kàn nǐ, yìzhí bù tíng de biǎoyáng tā. Shì bú shì tā hé nǐ yǒu shénme guānxì ya?

You keep praising her non-stop. What’s the relationship between you two?



yì zhí, continuously


Ting, to stop



biǎo yang, to praise



guān xì, relations


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