I am a banana. No, not a fruit but literary a ‘banana’ human. In Malaysia, this term is coined to those who is Chinese but do not know how to read or write Mandarin. This is because metaphorically, a banana is yellow on the outside (the skin) but white in the inside (the flesh). So for us Chinese, we have yellow skin on the outside, but white inside because we are more like the white people (no racism intended here) as we do not even know our own native language.

 So there, I am embarking on a journey to de-banananized (what a word) myself! Wish me luck!


2 Responses

  1. Wow, tough job…I too am learning Mandarin. I don’t see a recent post……so maybe you have given up. Well, if you have not…best of luck!

  2. i think it is time i come back!

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