My Family(我的家)

So how many days have I missed out? Oh its not days, it’s a week! 一个星期!I had to really catch up now, imagine, 70 characters? What was my excuse? Well the internet was down mid week and I missed few days myself. I guess I need to inject some variation into my learning. Memorizing characters is not enough and I drilling on writing is crazy, yet still could be effective. I will continue with that along with this new way – learning through story.  I will attempt to write a short essay on my family members.  

我的家有四个人。 爸爸,妈妈,姐姐和我。我的爸爸和妈妈都有做工。我的父母会照顾家。 姐姐今年开始做工。我们是好幸福的家呀。

 Wo de jia you shi ge ren. Baba, mama, jiejie he wo. Wo de baba he mama dou you zhuo gong. Wo de fu mu hui zhao gu jia. Jiejie ching nian kai shi zhuo gong. Wo men shi hao xing fu de jia ya. 

My family has four people, father, mother, sister and me. Both my father and mother are working. My parents take care of family. This year, my sister started working. We are a happy family.  

New words: 


bà ba


mā ma


jiě jie



fù mǔ


zhào gu


kāi shǐ


xìng fú